Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul

EP16: Transition Your Life and Business In the Pandemic with Sapha Arias (+live session)

October 30, 2020 Devora Gila Berkowitz
Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul
EP16: Transition Your Life and Business In the Pandemic with Sapha Arias (+live session)
Show Notes

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How do you make transitions during the pandemic while staying connected to yourself? Find out right here. 

Sapha Arias is an intuitive life coach, holistic health and wellness professional and yoga instructor. She helps women to awaken the divine feminine within, so they feel free to heal their core wounds, embody their true worth, and nourish every aspect of their body, mind & soul fully. You can reach her at info@nourishingpaths.com  and connect on Instagram: @nourishing_paths

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What following her intuition allowed Sapha to do for her business 
  • What the challenge of COVID-19 and yoga have in common
  • How to connect deeply to the divine feminine within
  • Why it’s the perfect time to tune into the core values of your business
  • A practical step to help you transition your business

[32:10] Devora leads Sapha to a quick breakthrough for her business 



Sapha is looking for a simple way as an introvert to meet people and connect about her work. It's the biggest question she is working on with her business coach. In a short time in our meditative coaching session, she discovers exactly what she needs to do. 

Sapha has Conscious Awareness of a feeling of sadness this issue brings up for her.  She feels it in the chest, throat and shoulders. 

As we bring in the element of Compassion she visualizes her feet on grass in a feeling of expansion. 

In Curiosity about this connection she observes something energetic, writing with a pen.  When asked about it, she giggles, because she knows she has been called to write a book. 

In Creativity mode, we explore how to do that in a way that feels right for her. She opens up to Transparency and vulnerability 

Her Committed action is to go further into her shadow work and create a step-by-step structure to write this book. 

By the end of our brief session, she feels open and free, her heart feels sparkly, and the tension from the shoulders and throat completely gone

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