Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul

EP10: Finding Your Flow with Brenda Loukes-Johnson

September 09, 2020 Devora Gila Berkowitz
Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul
EP10: Finding Your Flow with Brenda Loukes-Johnson
Show Notes

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Brenda Loukes-Johnson is an artist, Kahuna Bodywork professional and the creator of FlowPainting Experience.
www.inflowproject.com /

In this episode, we discuss:

  • how fear of not being good enough leads to burnout
  • how to get back into the flow through physical movement and massage bodywork
  • how the schooling system trains us away from being connected from ourselves
  • why creativity is so liberating
  • trusting your intuition as a key to finding flow
  • using curiosity to open up to possibility 
  • how painting helps to get in touch with your creative power

[25:45] Devora quickly leads Brenda to a breakthrough using The 5 C's of Transformation:


Brenda teaches others what she has come here to learn. This is what makes her a great coach. 

She came to the session afraid of burning out again from not enough self-care. A multipassionate person, she wanted to simultaneously focus on her art, help people and also function in her daily life, 

What stopped her from moving forward was overwhelm -- all the things she wanted to do.

In her session, she realized that if she could have a sense of humor and not take life so seriously, she would be able to go with the flow. 

Her solution: taking naps. She knew that the deeper your rest, the more dynamic your activity - taking naps would help her become more productivity and energized. 

The 5 C's of Transformation:

STEP 1: Conscious awareness:: Fear of burning out. 

STEP 2: Compassion. Holding space for physical sensations that arise from fear with unconditional love.

STEP 3: Curiosity. Intuitive Coaching - How to move forward with more flow?

STEP 4: Create a New Mindset: Humor. Don't take life so seriously and just go with the flow!

STEP 5: Committed Action. Taking naps with a reminder on a giant post-it note by the computer.

Takeaway: The practical step of creating a big naptime post-it note. Devora's suggestion to paint a flow painting after her nap to remind her of the benefits, which would motivate her to follow through with her intentions. Accountability to Devora with a single email.

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