Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul

EP04: Help for Highly Sensitive Empaths with Tyhson Banighen (live session)

July 17, 2020 Devora Gila Berkowitz
Ease and Flow for the Purpose-Driven Soul
EP04: Help for Highly Sensitive Empaths with Tyhson Banighen (live session)
Show Notes


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How does a highly sensitive empath get clarity about how to reach the people that need to hear his message?


Find out right here...


Today our featured guest is Tyhson Banighen, Founder of the Wellness Academy. His mission is for empaths and highly sensitive people to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Tyhson's vision is for you to live a vibrantly healthy and prosperous life while getting out of your own way, to deliver your unique divine gifts to the world.

He is a certified Spiritual Coach, an Intuitive, Reiki Master, Heart Resonance Advanced Practitioner, Master Dowser and Energy Detective. You can reach Tyhson Banighen at [email protected]


[1:21] Tyhson speaks about his early years not fitting in socially or in school. "It was a confusing world for me. It wasn't until later on that I realized that I must be doing it all wrong... [as if] somebody dropped me off on the wrong planet. and maybe they should come and pick me up because I don't understand how it all works." 

Tyhson assures that "You don't need to fit in. You are unique and divinely guided, and the planet needs people like to to make it a more benevolent place. And that's why I have a passion to help like-minded empathic highly-senstive people... "


[9:43] How he opened up his God-connection. "Getting clear of all that illusion / delusion of fitting in. You can commune directly with God, and that conduit is my empathic connection. That's what I'm here to do, is to allow that to come through me and to allow other people to listen to that still voice inside of them which will guide them and put them on the right path."


[11:17] On The Wellness Academy: "If you know what your unique gifts are as an empath, and you know how to apply it as a business, we can help bring about greater change and transformation on the planet."


[14.25] Tyhson's expertise is "to help people discover how to get out of your own way, stand in your own truth, what are your unique divine gifts, how are you blocking them and how can I help you remove those blocks. And then what are those superpowers that you have that are totally you and unique, and what is your passion, what are you here to deliver to the planet. Once we get that clear, what is your mission, vision statement, then we can help you learn the business skills from an empathic point of view."


[19:10] Breakthrough Healing session withTyhson


His question: How can I reach more people exactly at the level in the way that they need in the moment?

Devora facilitates healing to remove hidden programming from Tyhson's DNA so he can be free to move forward.

[26:06] Devora leads him in a meditation to amplify the healing. Tyhson senses a dissipation of constrictions of falsehoods and misunderstandings from the past. He describes divine energy flowing up through the center of the fountain from the root chakra.

[28:49] Tyhson receives an intuitive message of clarity and support for his business: "Relax, we have your back, and we will bring whoever needs to work